Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and a Free Saturday

Happy Easter!!! Gavin and I went to mass this morning and had a lovely breakfast, but sadly, Sunday isn't a day off in our world and Gavin was back to work by 2. We mostly celebrated yesterday. I gave Gavin the basket I'd put together for him, full mostly of candy. Not a very good basket considering that I thought he loved peeps and it turns out he hates them. Gavin brought me an awesome bubble gun from London. We also colored our Easter Eggs!

Crazy, right in the middle of writing this blog an Earthquake happened. Everyone is fine, but it was crazy long. I'm still a little shaken up (literally and figuratively!) It was a 6.9 based in Mexicali. Gavin and I thought we'd just wait it out, but it was getting louder and longer and eventually we darted into the back yard to wait for it to end. The water in our neighbors pool was going crazy! I could hear it splashing over the edge! Pets didn't seem affected, except Dora who was a bit upset afterwards.

Yesterday was a Free Saturday! Those don't exist in our world, and to be honest, I probably shouldn't have allowed it to be one with so much to do. But Gavin's only home for a few days, I have to take advantage of it! We spent the day in Huntington Beach just hanging out.

It's as if the world agreed with my Free Saturday. Gavin and I got free hugs and free monsters! The monster has NOS in it, no joke. Really fun to open the bottle. Not too bad to drink either.

We also saw this awesome bird. Everyone was tossing food to him, it was pretty cool!

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