Friday, April 23, 2010

April is too busy!

April is too busy! There is so much going on I don't know where to begin. I suppose not least of all is my work. While I've for the most part determined I won't write about my work here, I should at least say that although I'm averaging 11 hour days for the last week and find some of the situations incredibly stressful, I love it more than ever. This is why I became a civil engineer. Now if my test results will just back me up, I'm in good shape....

Today was an even more stressful day with Gavin leaving for a week, so despite all my plans for this blog, I think I'll narrow it to a story each of two subjects that make me happy almost all the time: Gucci Goo and food.

Gucci is my incredibly beautiful, although at least slightly evil cat. I've had Gucci for almost six years. In that amount of time she has bitten pretty much everyone who has spent more than a few minutes at my house and caused me at least 2 days worth of misery wondering where she was at, but also been one of the best friends I could have asked for.

It's basically impossible for me to pick a favorite picture of Gucci, so here's the first picture I ever saw of her.

As I've mentioned, Gucci is evil. For this reason, Gucci must spend the time it takes the maids to clean the house in whatever room of the house is in least need of being cleaned. Frequently this is the upstairs guest bathroom. During her last stay there, she decided to let us know her displeasure with this arrangement.

In case you are wondering, that is an entire roll of toilet paper completely unrolled into a neat pile on the floor. Pets are a joy. Sigh.

One perk of working a gazillion hours is that I was able to take Thursday off to hang out with Gavin before he left. We decided to cook a steak. Our previous efforts have been pretty miserable, but I really like steak, so we decided to try again.

First of all, this is probably the first time I've ever cooked something that actually looked nearly as good to me in real life as it did in the cook book, especially out of the Williams-Sonoma Cook books! (Sometimes I think I could out plate Rachel Ray when push comes to shove.)

Secondly, it was amazing! The recipe wasn't particularly challenging or even really interesting enough to post (although I do think the addition of my completely home grown herbs helped!), but it came out awesome and was the perfect send off for Gavin! :)

I have so many other things I've been intending to write about, but they'll need to wait. I've got work at 6 am!


  1. Dinner looks amazing!!

    I think we have the same cookbook! Do you have a set of Williams-Sonoma books? We have 8 of them (meat, veggie, pasta, dessert, etc.). The pasta one is AWESOME.. We make quite a few of the recipes on a regular basis!

  2. We have the bride and groom cookbook, seafood, and healthful cooking. I know we are sort of cheating with the bride/groom one, but whatever.