Monday, April 19, 2010

I got tagged!

I was tagged. There are a few people in the world I would auto respond to a blog tag, Nathalie just happens to be one of them! Plus the question is interesting.

Six things I'm Master of. I'd love to say all kind of things: photography, gardening, ceramics, painting, home-making, cooking. As it turns out, I am a solid apprentice at best of all of these! Then there is the literal version, as in I am Penny's Master, but as it just took me three attempts to get her to go back to her bed, I might fall short here as well!

But I am a master of....

1. Civil Engineering. Okay, everything but seismic design! And hydraulics, and soils, and watershed management and and and. I am making solid progress towards mastering the fields of civil engineering in which I am currently engaged. Currently that's primarily construction/contracts/structures/etc.

2. Being Random. I am not the most random person you've ever meet. I prefer to think I am more random than that because if you are always random, doesn't that technically make you not random?

3. Drinking Champagne while cuddled up in a snuggie. I am world class at this. Pretty sure there is no one better.

4. Excel. Yes, as in spreadsheets and the office program. I make awesome spreadsheets. They have colors, formulas, macros, shading, if-then statements, the works. I thank my first internship with the AQMD for this skill.

5. Organization. Particularly with post its. Until I met Jen, I thought I was alone in appreciation for this skill. That is not to say I am always organized, just that when I chose to be, I am quite good at it.

6. Making a happy home. Okay, okay, there was clearly some awesome luck involved in this as well! Still, I'm master at managing to find an awesome guy who's willing to put up with my and my crazy cat while we're cuddled up in a snuggie with a class of champagne in one hand, an excel spreadsheet of next weeks tasks in the other, babbling about some misaligned stairs on a construction project. :)

I've got tons to blog about, sadly I am just quite short on time. Gavin will be globe trotting again soon so I expect I'll be posting more then!

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  1. Enjoyed reading this!! Yes, you are the most random person I've ever met! ;)