Friday, January 2, 2015

Special Time with Grandma

Sometimes it feels a bit lonely living so far from our families. While they are always only a phone call away, grandma can't just drop in when the peas hit the ground and Aunties can't be impromptu baby sitters.

We are lucky you have a beautiful community of local friends and even luckier to have families who choose to make the distance smaller with frequenty calls, trips and help.

The last few weeks we have been so lucky to our have Grandma in town to help celebrate the holidays. Grandma's visits are extra special to our whole family. The boys thrive on the extra attention, love and time that only a grandma can bring. Daddy especially thrives on the extra sleep that he gets and mommy especially on the extra help from someone who understands my household well enough to help without needing to be asked or directed.

Thank you so much to Grandma for being willing to make the drive and being a constant source of support, help and love. We aren't sure how we are going to manage without you but we will see you soon!!

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