Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blinks: Jabber box

Colin is quite the jabber box.  He talks non stop.  He narrates our daily activites, sings songs, makes up words, and most of all makes requests (and sometimes demands) about what he needs!

Some of my favorite from lately:

"Santa is coming.  He lives at the mall.  He has a hat. It's red.  His jacket is red also.  His chin is white."

"What's this all about?" (Said about various things)

"Impromptu Hug!"

"Bell Peppers are delicious; they no ring."

"Time to get ingredients out. Put my apron on.  Let's get mushrooms and ketchup!"

I love talking to Colin.  One of our favorite games to pass the time is to teach him new words (which is where impromptu came from).  He loves to practice saying new words and telling me about the world around him.  He is still a bit shy and it takes him a bit to open up to new people, especially in groups, but one he gets started there is no stopping him!

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