Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eight Month Old Alex

Two Thirds of a year!

Height/Weight: Tiny baby is growing!  We had an extra doctor's appointment today so we got an update, 17 lbs 6.5 oz, 21%! Yay Alex!

Clothing Size: Alex is still wearing six months, but I think it's time to get down the 9 months clothes. 

Diaper Size: 2

Eating: My kids are apparently just good eaters.  Alex is doing great.  He eats pretty much everything we give him, although lately avocados have not been a hit.  He's doing pretty well with finger foods like puffs and small pieces of bananas, but most of his food is still spoon fed to him.  He usually eats banana and oatmeal for breakfast, puree for lunch, and often a mushed of version of our dinner.  He has one afternoon snack and nurses about 5 times a day, or has bottles when I work.  I'm excited that he's growing so well!
Sleeping: We had some tough nights, but then he slept through the night for almost a week! (7 to 6:30).  He naps on a fairly regular schedule, one nap during Colin's nap.  He goes down really easily normally.  We do his night time routine, then he plays or stands or crawls around before he finally falls asleep, usually sucking his thumb.

New Skills:He's standing!  Alex pulls himself to standing and likes to launch over and off of things.  He's also babbling.

Special Thanks to daddy for getting the pictures today! 

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