Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Play Room

I am in love with our house's slow but steady evolution into our home.

Today, we will visit the room that should rightly be called "The Dining Room."

"Dinning Room" Today

Only, it's not a dining room.  If I use it's history, I suppose I could more accurately say 'fun room.'  But it currently goes by 'play room.'

When we moved in, or at least when we toured our house, it was a dinning room.

But we quickly decided that we didn't really need a fromal dinning rom.  Our kitchen is huge and we decided it would be a much better place for us to eat.  So we turned it into a Game Room!

We quickly made a few other changes, we tore out the carpet and painted it to be more 'game feeling.'

For a long time, it stayed this way.  It was home to Gavin and my rockband, as well as where I curled up playing elder scroll games during a few very difficult weeks.

Then somebody came along and it took a whole new direction!

Colin needed a place to play and grow and the game room became the play room.

But spending hours and hours in that room, the color really started to wear on me.  It wasn't a play room color, it was too dark and too serious.  So last week we made the latest revision!


There are still things we'd like to do, but the color made a huge difference in the feel of the room.

I know this room isn't done with it's evolution.  More than any other room in our house, it will need to grow and change with the needs of our family.  It will probably be a game room again, who knows, maybe it will even be a dining room again one day!

In the meantime, it's host to hours and hours of fun and play.

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