Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Celebration Part 1

My baby boy is going to be 2!!  While I was pregnant, my OB called him my little butterball since he was due so close to Thanksgiving.  This year, his birthday IS Thanksgiving!  I am so greatful for all of the joy this little guy has brought to my life.

We wanted Colin to have a special time with some of his friends so we had a small get together for some of his favorite little people the weekend before his birthday

Before Chaos arrived!
 Gavin and I were going with a casual cars theme, but at the store, Colin insisted on Thomas, so we did a last minute switch.  He was so excited to see his cake!!

Grandma bought him a fun Thomas train tent and him and his friends had so much fun!

We bought pizza and the kids sat and ate it pretty much on their own; like big kids.  Sniffle.

My favorite part was watching the kids interact and play.  But a close second was being reminded how many people love and care about my precious son.


Colin has apparently been practicing for blowing out his candle because as soon as he saw it, he started trying!!

We didn't really intend for him to open his presents during his party because ownership is a difficult concept for toddlers and we thought the kids would get bored.  But Colin had plans of his own.  He got lots of help!

Overall, the kids were amazingly behaved and we had so much fun.  It was pretty much exactly what we were hoping for: a low stress party focused on making sure the kids had a great time.

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