Monday, May 12, 2014

State Parks: San Clemente

Mother's Day weekend was lovely at our house.  Daddy was home the entire weekend and we had a great time!  Our first adventure was San Clemente State Beach!

We went early and it was beautiful!  It was around 70 degrees and perfect for playing in the sand and walking on the beach.

I love watching Colin's delighted face as he explores the world.  As he happily played in the sand and climbed the rocks with daddy, I mostly convinced myself that we'd be able to come to the beach easily with an infant, we have a pop up tent to keep the sun off delicate newborn skin.  I'm not sure how much of that is just pregnancy optimism, but I really do hope we make at least a few more trips!

As far as the actual beach goes, it was less crowded than Dana Point, but that could also have been the weather and the time of day.  Colin was pretty excited about the choo-choo tracks and occasional train beind us. 

It's early, but it's starting to feel like summer!!

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