Sunday, May 18, 2014

Show me what Love Sees, reflections for Mother's Day.

It's been a bit emotional at our house. As I struggle to seek that perfect balance of mom, wife, engineer, incurbator, friend, hostess, organizer, decorator, I start to drown a bit in the details.  I'm mostly too tired lately to really take stock of my progress or failure, but when I do, I sometimes feel discouraged and frustrated.

I see the piles of mail slowly building.  I see the scratched paint on the stairs, the crumbs in the corner of the kitchen floor, the cat hair on the sofa.  I see the work task list long and unfinished next to the not started professional development list.  I see the goal of thanking my husband left unchecked yet again.  I see my well intentioned art projects for Colin unopened and the pinterest ideas untried.

And if I'm not careful, I quickly see a mounting list of my lifetimes failures and short comings.

I randomly opened a magazine laying on our counter and found this quote:

"Tell me your Story, Show me your wounds.
And I'll show your what love sees, when love looks at you.
Hand me the pieces, broken and burised.
And I'll show your what love sees when love looks at you."

And I stopped to think about it.

When Colin looks at me, his look is full of love  and trust.  He doesn't seem me as the sum of my professional achievements, or my house keeping, or my ability to do everything right.  I'm just mommy.  He sees mommy and he loves me.

Being a mother is the biggest responsibility I've had.  It's a humbling honor and I am so grateful for every moment with my young, growing family.

"Happy Mother's Day, Mommy."

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