Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Does your Garden Grow?

Summer must be here, the tomatoes have arrived!!!

So far, the Garden is doing fantastic.  Last year's plant that we left is huge and already producing some delicious tomatoes!
It is a little weird though, because they look like heirlooms (they aren't, at least to my knowledge) and the bottom of them are a bit... well, strange.
 I think it looks like it's giving birth to a little baby tomato.  Weird.  But they were delicious so I didn't worry about it!  I suspect it might have been because it took so long for them to ripen.  The rest of the green tomatoes I see on the plant don't seem to have these anomalies.

Colin is enjoying the garden so far, especially eating tomatoes.  He wants to pick all of them though, so we are working quickly on the difference between red and green!

Look how much it's grown already!!

Looking forward to an entire summer of yummy homegrown tomatoes (and by the looks of it, even some peppers!!)

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