Wednesday, May 28, 2014

18 months old!

My little guy is already a year and a half old.  It seems crazy that it's been that long since I first looked my son in the eyes, and still it seems like the blink of an eye.

Colin becomes more fun every day.  His language skills have been exploding lately and he regularly picks up fun new words.  He's starting to have preferences regarding his food.  Recently, he prefers everything else to meat.  His favorite food is probably fresh tomatoes, but he still loves bananas and cherrios.

His steadfast confidence amazes (and sometimes frustrates me!) to no end.  He'll look at me, knock on the fridge door and say "Apple."  "No, Colin, we don't need anything out of the fridge."  "Apple."  If that doesn't work, he'll come over, grab my hand and put in on the handle like he's the one being a patient parent while saying solemnly... "Apple."

All of that confidence does come wiht a decent amount of frustration sometimes.  Colin has set ideas about how things should be and he doesn't particularly like when things don't go his way.  Still, I love watching him explore the world and start to make his own Colin shaped  place in it.

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