Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vegan Dinner

We took a turn hosting a Vegan Dinner Party.  We are not vegan, we are not considering becoming vegan or vegetarian, but I do think it's a great occasional experience and opportunity to step out of our comfort zone of cooking and try new things.

We didn't really step too far, though.  Both recipes we made are foods we regularly eat around our house, although one of them was missing the cheese, the other sour cream.  They were good, but both ingredients were missed (by me)!! (Especailly the cheese!!)

We set up a second table in our living room to make sure everyone had space, but because of a last minute cancellation we all just squashed into the main table.

We made bean and tomato stuffed sweet potatoes and Stuffed Green Pepppers. Both are easy and healthy. Ironically, the last time we made stuffed peppers we added sausage because of my OB's concern about my protein intake and lack of weight gain.  This time, we took out the cheese.  The sausage was a better recipe change as it turns out!!

I certainly won't be turning vegan any time soon.  I think it's incredibly difficult (although not impossible) to maintain a healthy diet this way, but I do enjoy trying new foods and creatively excluding some ingredients from my dishes.

Although there are very very few foods Colin won't eat, he was a fan of the leftovers!  Also, he slept great through the entire event!

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