Monday, February 24, 2014

Uh oh!!

Colin's vocabulary is growing quickly.  I think it's really fun to puzzle out Colin's new words for various things around him and I'm amazed at how quickly he picks up new phrases.

He's had a few words for a while, including mama, and dada but lately he's added quite a few.  My favorites include:

buh-ble- bubble.  Not only does he know what it means, he knows where they come from (the bubble machine and containers of bubbles) and he will take you to them when he wants some bubbles!

apple- We weren't sure he knew what it meant, but since he kept getting apples when he said it, I think he's figured it out now!

Dew- Shoes.  Shoes mean you get to go out side and going outside is a favorite activity.  Colin also knows where to get his shoes (the hall closet) and where to put them on (the bottom step.)

bo- Video.  Colin loves to watch videos on himself.  He will grab my phone, say bo over and over again and sit in my lap.  Then he'll move my hand to the screen over and over again until I turn on a bo.  It's hard to refuse since it's some of the best cuddle time I get during the day!

He has a word for dog, but I can figure out exactly how to type it out.  We also aren't sure where it came from.  It isn't really like dog or penny or puppy, although we figure it must be an attempt at one of these.

Colin also says uh-oh.  Mostly when he drops something, even if it's intentional!

Last weekend we had an unforutnate uh oh.  Life with an adventerous toddler is full of uh ohs, but this was a slightly larger than average one!  We took a trip to downtown Disney for Grandma's birthday, and Colin took a bit of a tumble.

Even worse, mommy caught it on camera!! (by accident of course!!)

Uh oh, Colin!!

Colin was okay, although he did get a little bump/scrap.  Poor baby!

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