Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pretend City, Irvine.

When Colin was born, I was going a bit crazy sitting at home. I googled about every single event for babies.  One of them that kept coming up was Pretend City.  I decided it was probably a bit early for us, but kept it on my radar.
Pretend City is a children's museum in Irvine.  Once a month, they have an event specifically for babies 0-18 months. Now that Colin is so active, I thought it'd be a great way to burn some of that never ending toddler energy.  

Colin loved it!  What's not to love? New toys, lots of kids, (okay, he didn't love the sharing part), and even art.  Colin boycotted the art.  He wanted to run around and play.  

We even saw another Colin there. :)

We will almost certainly return!

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  1. We should go together sometime. We don't see each other enough as it is. Kai had a great time there a few weeks ago. But Kai did hang in the art room some. - Sabyl