Friday, January 3, 2014

What a decade!

I approached my 30th birthday with ambivalence.  The party I had made Gavin promise to throw years and years ago (a champagne tasting) was obviously out.  I'd also spent the last month or so fighting the flu.  Plus, in the light of Colin's first birthday and his first aware Christmas, a grown up birthday just can't compete.

I had a beautiful day.  I slept in, ate Indian food, received some beautiful and thoughtful gifts, ate cake, and had a romantic and simple date with Gavin.  I also had some time to reflect on what a fantastic decade it's been.

It wasn't so long ago that thirty seemed so old!!  I couldn't imagine being thirty.

But today I am 30.  And even better, I'm absolutely ready to be thirty.  When I reflect on the last ten years, I'm amazed at how much I've grown.  I'm also amazed at what I've accomplished.  I finished my education.  I passed my professional licensing exams.  I found a career I adore and I've done well in it.  I've built four bridges, one sports complex, countless roads, sewers, walls, and improvements.  I met my husband.  We traveled around the world, from Poland, to Australia, to London to Monte Carlo.  We bought a beautiful home and everyday we slowly learn how to take care of it and make it ours.  I bought two turtles who continue to hang around despite my initial thought that they'd last the semester.  I adopted my (evil) cat. We adopted Penny and then Dora and Lucky.  We moved from pet parent to human parent after a trying journey and now adore the time we spend with Colin.  And soon we will be four!  I've made some amazing friends and some incredible memories.  Along the way, I've also made my share of mistakes.  I've learned from every one of them.  Some of them have taken longer to bounce back from than others, and some left scars, but every single one of them helped make me who I am today.

I'm proud of what I accomplished during my twenties.  In no particular order, 10 memories from the last ten years:

? (2003)

First Internship (2004)

Disneyland (2005)

An early date with Gavin (2006)

Graduation (2006)

Celebrating with Gavin (2007)

Our House! (2008)

A birthday Celebration in the Bahamas! (2009)

Wedding Day! (2010)

Colin! (2012)

Today (basically)

I can't wait to see what this decade holds!

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  1. Happy 30th! Love the pics. So far, 30 has been pretty great for me :) not as scary as I thought, that's for sure! Enjoy every minute with your boys and I hope your pregnancy continues along completely uneventfully.

    Thanks for this post--I loved the story about the screw, and it's definitely a lesson for me!