Monday, January 20, 2014

Colin's First Haircut

It was a long time coming.

I cancelled more than once.  I wasn't ready to cut off my litte guys hair!

Colin was born with a bunch of dark newborn hair.

By about two months he was going bald...

And a few months later new hair started growing!

Little guys hair just kept growing, and over time it got lighter.

It also got a mind of it's own.  Colin's hair, like his daddy's, doesn't do what it's told, at least not what it's told by me!

Despite my occasionaly frustration with Colin's persistant rooster tail, I didn't really want to cut his hair.  But things were getting a bit out of control.  He went through a short stage of having a pretty awesome mullet but then it was in his eyes all of the time.

Colin's emo hair glory just prior to his haircut (with grandma).

So finally I relented and we headed to get his first hair cut.

Colin was a bit skeptical, but with the exception of the shears he did a great job!  And the best part is he doesn't have hair in his eyes all of the time!

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