Saturday, December 28, 2013


It's been a very sick December.  Both Gavin and I were very sick during our trip to Texas, making our return flight by far the worst flight I've ever endured.  I was admitted to L & D that night and spent about 12 hours trying to recover.  It took me forever to recover and finally the week of Christmas, I was able to start eating normally again.

Then Christmas Eve my dad got sick.  Everyone was fine on Christmas and we had a great day and a fun outing the following day as well, but that night, we had a horible night.  Our entire family was up sick all night.  Colin was the worst, of course.  It's miserable watching your baby not feeling well!  He seems to have made the quickiest recovery and seems okay now.  Gavin and I are still trudging along.  An alarming number of my calories this month have come from cup of noddle and I am just exhuasted.

I am really hoping that by new years we are all back to normal again!

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  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear the sickness continues. Yes, it's crushing when your children are sick. I really hope it's over for you guys and that you'll start off the new year with health and happiness! xox