Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's for dinner: First Family Dinner!

We had our first family dinner!

Last weekend I decided to make Potato and Leak Soup(without a recipe. :) ).  As I was cooking it, I thought, this is going to look a lot like baby food when I'm done.  So I decided to see what Gavin thought about letting baby try a bit of the soup.  After some discussion, we decided to try it!

Colin's didn't have the accessories

This was a bit of a magical moment for me.  As I lit our family candle for our first 'family meal,' my eyes filled with tears and realized it was one of those moments that drew my mind back over the last few difficult years.

Our family candle sits on our table and whenever we are all home for dinner together, I light it.  I first bought it in November of 2010 when I made our advent wreath.  At the time I was pregnant with Taylor.  As we ate our soup, I was overwhelmed with how easily I can be overcome with both joy and sadness, fulfillment and longing. It was a beautiful meal.  The first of many...

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  1. awww how wonderful! I have this feeling I am going to come over one day and one of the "crafts" you are going to have for me is making baby food...