Friday, May 3, 2013

Let him eat avocados!

I have known for a while that Colin has been ready for solid foods, even before I looked up the "official" 'signs of readiness'.  I was considering starting around four months, but his doctor recommended waiting until 6 months in an exclusively breastfeed baby.  I'm sure he would have been fine at four, or six, but we decided to start him a few days ago at 5 months.  True to our current parenting philosophy of staying right in the middle!

It was a great success!!

I really want food prep, cooking, and eating to be a pleasurable experience for Colin.  My pie in the sky goal is to have him be a part of every step, hence why he's got a hold of the unpeeled (but washed) avocado.

"How else can I show you I'm ready, lady?"
I didn't get any pictures of my prep.  It was basic.  I cut up the avocado and put it in a mini Cuisinart   I wasn't incredibly happy with the ease of use, but the end product was fine.  I ended up mixing in a bit of breast milk to make it a bit smoother and I thought it might help him enjoy the food.


Colin loved it.  He gobbled up every single bit and only fussed when I took the spoon away to get more food.  (He doesn't seem to understand I need to refill the spoon yet, he thinks if he just sucks harder, more food will arrive.)

I only gave him a little bit, and he wasn't not too happy with that decision.  I had so much fun.  It was a little hard for me that he didn't struggle even a little tiny bit.  I can't believe that a year ago my little guy was not quite the size of an avocado and now he's sitting in his high chair eating them!

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