Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nursery Project: Step 3 a, Furniture

The last few weeks we've been working diligently on Nursery furniture.   It probably seems a bit odd to buy furniture we aren't even intending to use right away, but we've learned from experience that failure to furnish builds on itself until you've been in your house for 4 years and you still don't have furniture in your master bedroom....

We are on our second set of furniture.  The first set, which was specifically for a nursery was awful.  I think it was by Graco, but the problem was the dresser.  It was tiny and the drawers hardly opened at all!  The dresser we bought now is probably too big for a little guy, but a little guy is going to turn into a small guy who's going to turn into a bigger guy who will just keep growing and growing... (especially if his early growth is any indicator!)  Actually the other day I was picturing the dresser covered in skateboarding and sports stickers placed haphazardly by a teenager...

I also wanted some shelves in the closet.  When we moved Big Buck Hunter out of the other guest room, we installed wiring shelves which work pretty good, but it was a hassle and we decided we didn't really want to deal with it this time.

So here's photos of our latest progress!

Back half of the Closet (we added the second rail)

Front half of the closet

Furniture and Furry Friends!

The closet organizer is a section from Ikea.  (It's called Stuva).  I like the system because it's adjustable.  I'd originally wanted it to be a little bit shorter to allow for use of the rod above it, but we decided to add another rod to the back of the closet so we maintained approximately the same amount of rod space (technically it increased a few inches).  We also have the large dresser, so clothing storage shouldn't become a problem!  All of the clothes he owns are currently hanging in the closet in the picture shown above, so it looks like it will be a while before we fill it up!

We don't have a mattress yet.  We actually chose one yesterday, but decided it would be better to wait until it was on sale or we had a coupon (it's at Babies R Us and they send us a million coupons) since we won't be using it for a while anyway.

While they aren't furniture, they are pictured above... the animals are my favorite.  While you can't quite tell yet since the decor is just starting to come together, we decided to go with a jungle theme.  I feel in love with the Melissa and Doug Giraffe but I kept telling Gavin it was a bit ridiculous to get it.  I was telling my mom about it and she fell in love with the Lion (she's a big fan of Aslan of The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, and more importantly Who he represents).  As soon as the moratorium on shopping was lifted, he arrived on our doorstep, baby's first present!  Gavin decided he wanted the Giraffe too, so now baby will have two jungle friends to grow up to!

Penny doing her best Giraffe Pose

This is labeled Step 3 a because we are not done.  We are still searching for a book case and a chair.  (In the meantime, the closet organizer is serving as a bookshelf, but I'm hoping to quickly have too many books for this to be a long term solution!)  We also have a changing table that I didn't post any pictures of (primarily because it was covered in drills, hammers, and other miscellaneous hardware!).  I am excited to start working earnestly on the finishing jungle touches in the coming weeks!

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