Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Late Anniversary Post

A month and a half ago, Gavin and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary.

Our Wedding
Our Amazing 1st Anniversary Trip

This year, travel wasn't really an option, but we had an opportunity to revisit Club 33, the secret club at Disneyland where we had our magical wedding rehearsal dinner.

The policies have changed and unfortunately the dining experience no longer includes park admission for the day which greatly increases the costs of a visit.  Still, we thought it would be a lovely way to spend our anniversary.

I love Disneyland and I know all of my favorite spots and attractions.  Being pregnant, many of those were off limits.  Instead of being a disappointment, it was like visiting the park with entirely new eyes.  We watched parades, walked around areas I hadn't been in years, had a leisurely lunch and relaxed in the shade people watching.  It was a lovely day.

Fell in love with this adorable little Robot Asimo

New Angle on an old Favorite

There were about 10 rows of strollers... scary
After spending the day in the park, we headed to Club 33 for our 8:00 reservation.  We had a long and lovely dinner.  Everything was as good as last time (except maybe the creme brulee).  We even managed to catch part of Fantastmic from the window next to our table.  It was a wonderfully romantic day together.  After dinner, I was like a little kid again wanting to see everything again and not wanting the day to end.  We kissed under the fireworks and I thanked God for sending me someone so amazing to spend my life with.

The two years since our wedding haven't gone as planned, but because I've had Gavin's support and love, I've survived.  

I love you Gavin!


  1. I love the both of you soooo much! Congrats on the two years.

  2. Wow, I love those adventures you have in your anniversary.
    Hope you'll have more sweet years together