Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's for dinner? Raw.

Last week, I decided to investigate eating raw.  I first heard of raw from some blog hopping a few months ago and had discussed it with Alyssa, my token vegetarian. 

I can't claim that my understanding is entirely accurate, but from what I read, the general principle behind a raw diet is to eat things as close as possible to when they were growing, and in a state as close as possible to when they were growing.

The first day I had fresh fruit for lunch, sushi for lunch, and lettuce for dinner.

The lettuce was a weird craving and actually what caused me to decide to try the raw day.

I think the principles are great, but I'd need to be a whole lot more creative before I could actually stick to this type of diet.  Still, I think it's worth trying to incorporate into our eating on a regular basis. 

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