Monday, May 30, 2011

Date Night: a date that took my breath away.


Last night Gavin and I went on a date to Infusion.  It's a little martini bar and restaurant in Ladera Ranch. 

We were a little disappointed in the ahi tower (our favorite appetizer).  As we ate it, Gavin reminded me that you're not supposed to order seafood on Sunday.  Opps.

It was too dark for Gavin's phone by the time dinner arrived.  He had the prime rib, which was fantastic.  I had lobster noodles that were less than stellar.  We both had pretty drinks.

Then we lost our breath!  No idea what happened.  I just was having a really hard time catching my breath and mentioned it to Gavin who said he was having the same problem. 

We came home and were fine.  No late night trip to the Emergency Room required!


  1. No way! Last time they poked me a zillion times all over and then told me I was allergic to most of the beings living in my house, grass and bunnies. Then they prescribed a zillion medicines (all with "do not substitute with generic" printed on them). Allergists clearly can not be trusted!