Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's for dinner? Easter Edition

For Easter, my sister came to visit and we cooked!

I was primarily responsible for the eggs (which came out lovely, although I failed to get a picture.  No idea how that happened!)

My sister made green bean casserole.  Gavin made the mashed potatoes and ham.  We didn't want a whole ham so we just bought already cooked sliced ham and fried it.  It was good and saved us having to suffer through weeks of ham sandwiches or the guilt of throwing them away.

My favorite part of our Easter dinner was our egg surprises. 

Last year, Gavin and I made these when we colored eggs.  We both put things inside for each other.  Both of us put things representing our wedding planning.  I wish I had the material to do it again this year, but there's always next year.  I suspect traditions aren't going to really survive this year, but maybe they'll come around again next year.

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  1. I enjoy foodings pictures. It's like reading "The Hobbit," but with high quality photos. I want to cook something with you guys. "Chip the glasses and crack the plates, that's what Gavin Griffin hates! So carefully, carefully with the plates." That's what I'll be singing while washing up afterwards.