Friday, March 29, 2013

Nascar Racers

Back in September of 2011, Gavin and I attended a charity poker event at the Bike.  During the silent auction, I became obsessed with the idea of "Racing a Nascar."  The package promised a real racing experience on a real track.  I have no explanation for this illogical thought as I a) don't like Nascar and b) don't like driving fast.  Anyway, I ended up with two tickets to race Nascars.

Not long after, I got pregnant with Colin.  The passes to race sat mostly forgotten until I realized I knew someone who would LOVE to do it: my dad.

Last weekend we finally made it down to LA Racing.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Overall, the people were friendly, there was a nice lounge and a shade canopy for the spectators.  While my dad and Gavin learned the basics of racing, my mom and I enjoyed muffins and juice.

Be safe, dad!

Daddy's Car: Go 17!!
Grandpa's Car
I was slightly concerned to learn that my son appears to be a fan of race cars.  As long as the cars were going, he sat contentedly.

As far as the actual race went, I didn't even like watching.  I was concerned they would wreck, or someone would wreck into them.  I was worried when the cars made scary popping noises.  I couldn't sit still and I couldn't look away.  It was a rough 20 laps for mom!

 The boys seemed to love the experience.  My dad signed up to come back for another race, although I think Gavin is putting his racing days behind him.

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