Monday, October 24, 2011

Book club: Third Book

New book club book.  "Half a Life" by Darwin Strauss.  I've only just started it so I have essentially no opinion of it yet.

From what I can gather so far, it's the autobiographical story of a guy who killed a girl when he was 18.

On a book club note, I actually had quite a good time discussing "Swapping Lives".  One of the more interesting aspects of the conversation was to hear how some of the women in the club found it to be very similar to life in Ladera.  I realized that my experience in Ladera is entirely different than theirs.  I like Ladera.  I love the trails for running, I love Taco Mesa, I'm waiting with bated breathe for the opening of Selma's.  I wave at my neighbors when I drive home from work (and huff at their never used street blocking basketball hoops when my inner cranky old lady gets too close to the surface).  I socialize when I'm invited and have the time.  But I am completely oblivious to the social posturing that is apparently rampant.

It was fascinating, although a little scary, to glimpse an entirely different side of my community.  Book club is pretty much exactly what I was looking for: a way to meet and connect with people different than myself.

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