Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Pup!

But not another Boo.

Boo, rechristened Vincenzo Griffin Newell, lived up to my expectation of a trail of broken hearts in his path.  Primarily mine.  Turns out playing foster momma is not in the cards for me, way too much ouch!  Of course Vinny is a special little guy.  And of course I never once regretted getting him out from under the car and into our office!

So when I heard there was another little orphaned dog headed to spend the day with me, I was both happy and terrified.  Apparently I'm my own terrier rescue

Runt dog, as she will be lovingly referred to in this post, was smaller than Vinny and darker.  She was also likely a chihuahua/terrier mix although the chihuahua part was certainly bigger.  She was tiny, less skittish and had quite the attitude throughout the day, growling if she decided anyone had come to close to me or 'our' space.

Runt dog was bathed, taken to the vet, and had a home as fast as Vinny.  Although as soon as she left, everyone collectively agreed she was no Boo.

Vinny, by the way, seems to be doing well.  Happy and spoiled.  :)

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