Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Planning: Flowers

At the time of our wedding, I wasn't big on flowers. I thought they were pretty, and I've always I liked the ones that smelled nice. I just didn't have favorite flowers,  Hence my bouquet being somewhat unique and not actually involving flowers.

We hired a florist, told her our vision and then let her run with it. When she came to our tasting she had a variety of different flowers types in our wedding colors, all of which looked nice.

Our big 'decorating' scheme was based on our vases. We wanted our handmade ceramic vase favors to serve as our center pieces for the table. We quickly realized 10 was too many per table, so half decided on a smaller arrangement.
These are the samples from our tasting:

We were very happy with the results.  I don't think we gave her any comments other than we decided to add an overlay to the tables.  

As far as the actual ceremony, I was always more excited about the decorations there.  We had looked through all of the Disneyland galleries of previous weddings but I just kept thinking they were too busy looking.  We wanted something simpler, more classic.   I couldn't have been happier with the results.

For every concern I had about the venue, our florist had a solution:

I don't really want to put fabric but I think it's too plan between our heads and the top of the gazebo.

Enter chandelier full of flowers.

This walk way is way too wide and I don't like the look of the plain concrete.

Enter sprinkled flowers, wide runner, parasols.

We didn't give her much guidance on the bouquets and boutineers, but they came out beautifully.  


Considering the small amount of direction I gave I was so impressed with all of the details I missed that our florist covered. 

If you know anyone looking for a great florist, I would always recommend Shelia with Green Left Designs.

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