Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Re-runner

My girlfriend Sara was mentioning how hard it is to get out and be active.  It is hard.  Life happens. 

Cheryl and I had started a long distance running pal 'thing' a while back to try to commit us both to running on a more regular basis.  I mentioned it to Sara who was interested.  I named it rerun and the idea is that we run to the same music on the same day and then hold each other accountable for it. 

For lack of much planning time, yesterday we took the Katy Perry Pandora Station (which resulted in a bit of a random mix for my run including My life Sucks without you, All-Star and Teenage Dream.)  Sara didn't share you play list but she did successfully navigate 2.6 miles on her first day!

I have this new thing about running west from my house.  I always use to run east.  So now I don't plot my run, I just kinda go.  It's an awesome freedom to know I can do it and it seems to make the time past more quickly, so as of this moment I have no idea how far I ran, but I'm about to find out...

So thanks to the marvels of map my run I found out I ran exactly 1.5 miles (there were also two stair cases involved).  That explains why it went so quickly .:)  Still, it wasn't that long ago I couldn't run a mile without dying, so I count it a victory! 

So thanks to Sara for being another motivator for getting other there everyday!

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