Monday, June 28, 2010

Pursuing Selfish Delights

I frequently have to remind myself that occasionally being selfish is okay, or in fact, even good for me. This weekend, I spent most of my time being gleefully selfish!

Among other things, I played around with some new painting techniques.

I don't think I mastered them, but I'm actually quite happy with the way these paintings came out. I may hang them, although if I had known I was going to do that, I would have more carefully considered the colors of my composition in relation to my house, instead of just in relation to each other...

I only left the house Saturday to go for my run. I ran further than I typically do today and was rewarded with horrible wheezing for a while afterward. Baby steps! It seems that my new found interest has negatively impact my yoga practice. I attempted a yoga routine that I have done probably over a hundred times yesterday and couldn't get through it. Given this isn't the first time I've experienced a valley with yoga, but it's always disappointing. Luckily, even a bad yoga routine still has Savasana!

I've also been cooking up a storm! I prefer to cook things that involve tomatos, but this week I've only really used them in my Cheeseburger pie. Yesterday, I made a pretty delicious eggplant dish from the William Sonoma cookbook. I'm still not entirely comfortable cooking with eggplant. I find it difficult to cut completely evenly, and therefore it often cooks irregularly. Someday I'll stop fighting with the Mandolin Slicer, which will probably help. For now, I still find eggplant to be very tasty in almost all of the recipes I've tried it in. It's strange to me that I could have gone my entire life without ever having tried what turns out to be such a basic vegetable. I was also quite proud of my turkey rolls on Saturday. To be honest, I was quite proud of having three courses in one meal:

The only odd part is that for some reason, I bought and included the bacon recommended for inclusion with the spinach. This is odd because I very much dislike bacon and I was the only one eating this meal or it's various leftovers.

I've also been pouring over some wedding details, which invariable means spening quite a bit of time with this:

Like any project, I had to start with a binder. The only problem was that for the wedding, my notebook turned evil on me! It took the loving patience of my friend Jen to kick it back into shape. Now the notebook is back to being in good order, even if the wedding to do list is still a bit daunting.

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  1. Nice paintings!! Oooh, now I have an itch to paint.

    I despise my mandolin slicer!!! It's just not sharp enough so it ends up being a hazard instead of a useful kitchen tool... I hope you and your mandolin slicer can patch things up. :)

    Good luck with your final month of wedding planning! Imagine all the free time you'll have once it's all over!