Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nursery 2.0

As I roll into my third trimester, we've started the task of creating another nursery!  Slowly, Colin's room has become "Colin's Room" instead of "The Nursery".

Nursery 2.0, the current "The Nursery," has been a wide range of rooms since we've moved into our house. It started off as 'The Game Room.'   During this phase, it hosted Big Buck Hunter and the inside of the closet got painted red.  Eventually BBH got evicted for loud random comments while I was trying to sleep.  Notabley "You got somethin' against women??"

It then had a short stint as storage for other random things.

In 2010, it housed my wedding dress from a hook that was randomly in the ceiling and had a warning sign on the door for Gavin to NEVER EVER ENTER.

In 2012, it was Cheryl's Room for a while.

Finally, it became "Round Room" after Nursery 1.0 progress started.  Sadly, I don't have pictures of it in this state.  Round bed was sold and Nursery 2.0 offically began!!

I seem to be really really bad at taking before pictures.  I'm not sure why.  Here's what I've got:

Choosing Colors

Hard at work!
One of the bigger challenges for us was the closet.  We needed to get rid of the red and reconfigure the hastily installed shelves. It took two coats of heavy primer, a few hastily drawn sketches, and at least one argument, but we got it done!

I really wanted shelving that would grow with the clothes and needs of a kids room.  I like this so far and I'm optimistic that it will fit the bill.

Next was wall paper.  I'd fallen in love with this sea creatures wall paper border and since we'd decided to skip the chair rail this time, we thought it'd be the perfect way to bring the height of the room down a bit.  Neither of us had ever worked with wall paper before, so of course there was lots of research, measuring, and more sketches! For some reason the border looks grey in this picture.  It's not, it's blue.  The sea green wall matches the shell on the turtle pretty closely and the I think it highlights the 'dolphin grey' walls beautifully.

Installing the wall paper was a bit challenging.  Several times Gavin commented on the advantages of having an Engineer in the family, particularly with setting lines accurately, measuring, and having a good plan.  (he didn't comment on the disadvantages, of which there are a few, especially with my tendency to treat wall paper installation with the same seriousness I devote to bridge construction...).

The specific challenge with installing this wall paper border was the scallop on the top and bottom.  I'd read in the reviews that people said it wouldn't stick at all and it was impossible to get even.  I used a very similiar technique as I'd used with the chair rail to align the paper and it worked really well.  I set my line at the bottom of the top scallop so when installed, the line would be completely hidden, but easy to check for levelness.  It worked great, although it was a two person job and it tried our patience a bit waiting for the glue to set enough for the paper to stick.  also We had to stick each scallop individually.  

So far, I love the results.  The room has a much different feel than Colin's room, but still feels both comfortable for a baby and 'growable.'  I had no idea how difficult it would be to pick out grey paint!  There are as many greys as whites!!  

Next steps are decor and furniture.  And before we know it, the occupant will be here!!

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  1. Awesome!! Wallpapering was an interesting challenge for us too, and if you look closely you can see all the spots we messed up in. But I'm loving the overall look! :)

    Can't wait to meet your new little one!!! xox