Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Daze

We are having way too much fun with our son.  Gavin and I spend most of our time these days smiling at each other or the perfect baby boy we can still hardly believe is ours.

I think Colin and I, and Gavin to a lesser extent, are all coming out of our newborn daze.  The rush and lack of sleep at NICU followed by the joy of a healthy, happy homecoming, and just healing from birth has left us all exhausted.  We are so incredibly lucky to have loving, caring grandparents who were here to take care of all of us and keep us fed and hydrated while we bonded as a new family.  Now, as we settle into a routine on our own (for a few days before more visitors arrive!)  I am thrilled to report that the days are still beautiful and wonderful.

Some things are just like I thought they'd be and others have caught me completely off guard.  I didn't expect things to feel so natural most of the time.  I expected to struggle a bit more with the idea of my role as a parent.  I didn't expect I'd be nearly as crunchy as I seem to be tending towards...

Today we ventured into the 'real world' a bit.  I'd made a few short outings, but today was a big one: Our first trip to the Mall and Target.  It felt a bit odd, like trying to ice skate for the first time.  Navigating the world for the first time with a stroller was a bit disorienting.  Still, even with a few *ahem* messy surprises, we had a great time.

So here's today our beautiful daze giving way to beautiful days!

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