Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo School

We had a fantastic wedding photographer.  We loved working with her, loved our photos and heard nothing but good things from everyone she interacted with.

She recently started teaching a few photograph basics classes and last week I headed up to Orange to Check it out.

I think the most important things that I learned were reinforcements of what I already knew: I adore Jackie and I love taking pictures.  I also learned that I need to format my memory cards (I did it, btw, teacher!)

I left with a renewed sense that the world is worth photographing.

So when we headed out last weekend, I snapped a few pictures.  Just for fun:

My School
the Bruery

Hipster shot for Hipster spot.
Looking forward to leaning more from Jackie.  If you want to come, check out the details, here. 

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  1. AMY! what a great post with such nice things said...THANK YOU. :) best of all...what you left with... "I left with a renewed sense that the world is worth photographing." #MADEMYDAY