Friday, September 9, 2011

What's for dinner? Vagabond Edition

This is a special "what to cook when you have no electricity edition".

Last night, all of San Diego County, as well Southern Orange County (aka here); lost power as a result of what is reported to be a switching error in Arizona that knocked the San Onofre Nuclear plant off line.

Interestingly enough, I didn't even know the power was out.  I was home from work cleaning the bathroom, watching a show on my iPad while my robovac vacuumed away without a concern in the world.  I heard a beeping downstairs and figured it was the fire alarm.  I got a battery and a ladder and climbed up to find out... it wasn't.  After some investigation, I figured out it was my house alarm notifying me that it had 'no ac.'  I guess I'm more girl than engineer after all was "Why the hell does my alarm need air conditioning??"  I figured it out pretty quickly and tested a few light switches.  I went outside to confirm it wasn't just my house that had tripped and quickly figured out it was at least a local outage.

You don't realize how helpless you are without electricity.  And I'm still much less helpless than people were even a few years ago.  I had my cell phone and could still do things like follow SDGE on twitter for the latest news.

Still... a coworker advised me to stay off the roads and my house was pretty devoid of any non frozen food.  In fact, in my refrigerator, I had only the following perishable items: happy cow cheese, 2 chicken sausages, sour cream, an onion and orange juice (does orange juice even count?)  I know you are suppose to leave the fridge closed, but I knew I had essentially nothing in there.

I decided it was enough to work with and created this

Vagabond Delight!

I singed a few arm hairs manually lighting the stove burners, but otherwise my potato/sausage/onion feast was pretty impressive.

After dinner, I light a million candles, grabbed my iHome and curled up to wait out the black out.

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