Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's for dinner? Guest Chef

I have a few fantastic friends.  This week I had a rough week and Jen made the LA to OC trek to cook me lunch.  She arrived with all ingredients ready to go.  

Jen did a fantastic job of describing our delicious meal here so I won't subject you to a less informative description.  I'll just add my "OMG it was delicious!" Commentary.

I haven't been eating nearly enough vegetables (I probably haven't been eating enough in general, but veggies are certainly a huge missing element)  so this meal was perfect.  I'll post one picture, but go check out Jen's blog for the REAL ones! :)
Very yummy food
And I'm kinda proud of myself, because I think I'm at least partially responsible for this:

Thank you so much, Jen.  You are fantastic. 

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  1. You are quite a bit responsible for my food interest/photos/blog. :) You are also quite sneaky with your own camera, missy. Hahaha.

    Thanks for having me over. So glad you enjoyed the food!