Monday, June 27, 2011

Route Fatigue?

I have a new observation/riddle about my running.  I typically run the same route almost daily.  As I mentioned in my last post, I found that I improved much faster this time than when I started in the beginning.  Still, I'm no pro runner, and I get tired fast.  I'd only run my longer loop once since my reunion with running and it didn't go well.

Today, I decided to run a long loop again.  Not sure why.  I think it was half because I always think it's funny to run when I'm wearing makeup and the other half because I was listening to MCR.  Thanks emo teen music for that extra umph.  Still, I was expecting it to be a struggle.

What surprised me is that I didn't get tired at the same distance markers I do during my short run.  In fact, the run when great and I probably could have sped it up a bit.  Which leads me to my riddle.

I think it's possible that I've somehow trained myself about when I'm supposed to get tired during my run.  The lazy part of me doesn't want me to go further or faster, so it's tricking me into thinking I'm barely completing my short run.  (That lazy part of me is pretty small, but possibly pretty smart, too)  The only other possibility I've come up with is that it has to do with elevation changes in the run, the problem with that theory is that overall, the long run has more elevation change than the short run, although obviously in a different pattern. 

So the running update is that I'm still running and somehow psyching myself out about what I can do. 

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