Friday, July 23, 2010

Going off-script

Last night Gavin and I decided to cook. Without a recipe. This is huge for us. We've made a few things without a recipe: eggs, cereal, and top ramen for example (I don't even like the directions they give for top ramen!!) But dinner? No recipe? No dedicated shopping trip? No problem!

Currently, anything we make should include tomatoes (Mr. Tomato monster is going strong). So we decided to make a tomatoish sauce over pasta.

It's impossible to be bad when you start with garlic, onion and spices.

My fresh tomatoes!

The final product!

The meal turned out very well and I was quite proud of us. While I was thinking of what I was going to name this blog, it occurred to me that more than just my dinner plans are currently headed off script.

First there is my career. This has been a huge month! I got the PASSING result of my PE exam a few days ago! This will mean some pretty major changes for me, not so much in the work I'll be doing, but certainly in the responsibility I'll have for it and the money I'll make for it. And I'll define it as "off script" because I've pretty much had my career written, at least in strong draft form, from the day I started college to this day. And really, no further. It's such a major milestone, that it seemed almost impossible to plan past it. It's exciting to think of all the opportunities and things I can strive for next.

I'm also wrapping up the biggest job of my career so far this week. When I come back, the ribbon will be cut, and the kids will be playing on the fields I worked so hard to complete.

And of course, there is the wedding. My romance with Gavin has always been an exciting adventure into things I could never have anticipated or expected. Besides a day of joy surrounded by those who love us, I have a lifetime of love to look forward to.

The opportunities seem open and endless, and it's feels like everything in my life is aligning to close out one chapter and start the next free and clear. And how exciting! In the course of one month, I'll add a letter to the front of my name and two to the end (hint: before you start counting, his last name and mine have the same number of letters ;))

What a month.

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