Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Nursery at Night.

One of my favorite things about our house is that we have recessed light in all of our ceilings.  In most of the rooms they are on a dimmer which allows us to adjust the lighting to suit the mood.  I especially love it in the nursery.

Low light photography is not really my forte, but the nursery in the evenings has been my favorite place to spend time with our little guy while we wait for him to make his official appearance and I want to capture a few shots of it before it's new resident arrives full time!

Baby has a mattress!  He won't need it for a while...

Where we spend our time talking most evenings

A closet full of clean clothes!
I love these color changing night lights.  We also have one in the hall.  
Baby's special book from Ms. Sara!  (Very cute, I highly recommend it) and jungle cross night light from Grandma.
See baby?  Everything's ready for you, so feel free to show up anytime!


  1. Looks lovely! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xox

  2. Love how the finished nursery turned out! Again, thanks for sharing great photos, and HUGE congratulations and ::HUGS:: to you and Gavin for the new addition to your family! Looking forward to hearing Colins' birth story (if you are up for sharing of course!)

    So thankful you guys have your new baby boy, he is so beautiful and I still pray for all of you <3