Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My sister is in Michigan but that's not keeping us from rerunning together. :)

On Sunday, she told me that she had a punk rock run.  Well, Gavin took my iPod to Vegas, my cell phone was dead and I am not about to run with my iPad.  So that left me with a capella.  So it was a karaoke run.   If you were wondering what is scarier than me running, it's me running while singing.  I sang every punk rock song that came into my mind MxPx, NOFX, Ataris. 

Monday, my cell phone was alive, but I couldn't find headphones so I ran to Bruno Mars and Chris Brown Boom Box Style.  Although every time someone got near me, I'd quickly lower the volume to almost inaudible. 

Running is actually a privilege because my schedule is so crazy lately.  I've never wanted to run further than I had time for before.  But thanks to Cheryl for giving me the motivation to run even on a tight schedule.    

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