Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's for dinner?

First, sorry about the radio silence. It was insanely hectic around my house for a few weeks and then we just refused to come out of Honeymoon mode. So, on second thought, no apologies for the radio silence. It's been an awesome few weeks better experienced in full than broken up to recap.

Two weeks ago yesterday, I married my best friend. I currently can't think of any way life could be better. The wedding was beautiful, and fun, and wonderful in every way. I will post all about it after I get the pictures, but suffice to say, if I could do it all over, I'd be happy if it played out exactly the same way. That's not to say everything went completely smoothly, but where's the excitement in life without the bumps??? I came away with two major thoughts:

1)I'm married to the most incredibly compassionate, loving, and interesting man I've ever meet. I never thought I could love him more, but everyday I learn something new or see something in him that both reaffirms my love for him and convinces me that I've snagged the jackpot and the rest of the world is missing out (sorry world).

2) I've managed to surround myself with the most incredible group of people. I remember having the same sensation at the shower that Cori and Gavin's mom were so kind to have for us earlier this year, but it was even stronger at the wedding. In one room, were people who had gone through great expense and inconvenience to travel from literally all over the world, from all walks of lives from writers to house mommies, to Math geniuses, to CHP officers to teachers to... etc etc etc. People with one thing in common: they love me and Gavin. It was humbling and uplifting at the same time. I can't explain how overwhelming that feeling is. It was amazing.

Again, I promise to post ALL about the wedding, but until I get the photos ready to go, I've a new topic I'm going to start blogging about! Dinner!

Okay, it's not technically new, I post about cooking most often on my blog, from my tagging log, but this will be slightly different for the next few weeks. Gavin and I were quite sad to realize we had made something we both liked and could no longer remember what it was. So, from now on (or until I get bored, o/u 3 weeks?) I'm going to post our dinners once a week. This week is short because I decided on this halfway through (and I spent the first half of the week honeymooning with my husband in the Jamaica [sick brag])

So what was for dinner?

Wednesday: Salad. After eating and drinking waaaaaaaay to much for a week, we needed to jump headfirst into healthy eating rehab. The salad prongs were a gift from my parents from their cruise to Alaska. I made my own dressing for the salad using miso paste, wasabi, rice vinegar and honey. I also used my own tomatoes.

Thursday: Shrimp Stir fry from William Sonoma Healthful Cooking. Pretty easy for a WS recipe and no weird ingredients. Also, Gavin used our new Soda Stream soda maker to make some homemade tasty rootbeer.

Friday: Lettuce Wrapped Tacos from Rachel Ray. This recipe has two parts and we'd already made the other part once. I like using lettuce for the shell. We substituted turkey for beef and the recipe made WAY too much food.

Saturday: Spaghetti Nests with Pesto from Rachel Ray (basically regular spaghetti, but still good) Making nests was not so easy.

Sunday: Vegetarian Chili and Chilled Melon Soup from William Sonoma Healthful Cooking. I was a bit skeptical of the soup, but it was excellent. The Chili was good, but needed to be cooked a bit longer which we resolved for leftovers!

So, week 1 back on the wagon is completed successfully. Wish us luck next week!

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